Emily Israel, MS

Hello! I am currently a 4th year doctoral student studying Clinical Psychology at Chestnut Hill College. Throughout my clinical experience, I have looked to gain a holistic perspective in the field of psychology by working with individuals who have diverse backgrounds and mental health challenges. I have had the opportunity to obtain experience in a wide range of settings, including a school, community-based outpatient therapy and assessment, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, a virtual private practice and an in-person private practice. In these settings, I have worked with children, adolescents and adults with neurodevelopmental challenges, behavioral challenges, mood difficulties, anxiety, personality disorders, substance-related disorders and concerns related to body-image/eating.

Throughout my work in psychology, I have developed a passion for supporting individuals as they learn to understand their emotions, thought processes and responses to both positive and negative experiences in their lives. I believe in creating a collaborative, safe space where individuals can reflect on who they are and what has led them to become that person. I care deeply about providing a space where young children, adolescents, adults and families feel seen for who they are and supported in navigating this reflective process of change. I enjoy supporting individuals as they build confidence in their ability to respond to emotions effectively and have their needs met in difficult situations.

I utilize empathy, openness, compassion, humor and curiosity to create a safe, supportive, collaborative environment that enables greater understanding of oneself. Along with this, I work to build the confidence and abilities needed to respond to difficult situations. I use psychodynamic and evidence-based approaches to support the needs of each individual.

In my free time I enjoy puzzling, exercising, cooking, dancing, exploring new spaces, spending time with loved ones and outdoor activities such as hiking.

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