Karen Hawkey, MEd, CBIS, CDCS

With over 35 years of experience working with individuals with acquired brain injury in various settings, I have come to embrace an approach that is flexible, skills specific, and tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. No two brain injuries are alike, and consequently, each treatment plan should be carefully designed to address the issues and challenges specific to each individual. I also strongly believe that brain injury does not exist in a vacuum and therefore any treatment that is to be truly effective will incorporate the feedback and reinforcement of support systems as available.   Through brain injury education and an open communication atmosphere, family members are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic process by assisting with goal identification, as well as monitoring and supporting the strategies that are developed within cognitive rehabilitation sessions.

My career in brain injury rehabilitation began in 1984 as a neuropsychometrician, performing neuropsychological evaluations.  It was this experience that exposed me to the unique cognitive profiles exhibited by individuals with all different types of neurological conditions. I was fascinated by the unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses exhibited by individuals with brain injury and decided to pursue a career in TBI rehabilitation.

In 1985, I joined the transdisciplinary team of the Drucker Brain Injury Center at MossRehab Hospital. As a Case Manager, and later as the Team Supervisor for the Community Re-Entry Program, I worked extensively with individuals, groups and families. I developed and implemented individualized rehab programs and provided skills specific training in vocational and avocational domains.

Following my 18 years at MossRehab, and a brief pause to spend time with my growing family, I returned to the field as a Neurorehabilitation Specialist, where I provided individualized home and community-based services to a wide variety of clients ranging from college students, to homemakers. In this role, I developed treatment programs to assist individuals with developing compensatory strategies to fulfill their various life roles and responsibilities.

Just prior to joining the team at the Center, I was the Director of Admissions at a post-acute rehabilitation facility which provides residential and day program services. After 6 years in this administrative position, I decided to return to clinical practice where once again I am able to impact individuals with brain injury and their families in a more personal way. At the Center, I provide one-on-one Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy to clients in their homes, via tele-health, or in our office. Additionally, I facilitate a cognitive rehabilitation group for people with acquired brain injury.

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