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Concussion Assessment and Management

The awareness and diagnosis of concussions have increased dramatically over the last few years. While most concussions are mild and recovery is relatively quick and uncomplicated, there are circumstances when recovery is complicated, confusing and even concerning, especially in children.  

People are susceptible to more serious consequences if they sustain a second concussion before they have completely recovered from the first. Proper identification and management is critical.

At The Center, we will help you determine if you or your child has been concussed and what important steps you need to take to ensure you/your child’s safety, manage their treatment needs, and determine when it is safe for you/them to return to activities, such as  the classroom, the workplace and sports.

Concussion can occur at any time, at any age, in any place – not just in sports.

Questions? Call us to schedule a consultation with one of our concussion specialists or arrange for a workshop for your organization or school.
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