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Pregnancy and Postpartum Support

The period of time when a woman is pregnant and raising a young child is unlike any other time in her life. It is sweet and important and perpetually exhausting. Regardless of whether or not the mother is having her first baby, adopting, or adding her sixth child to her nest, she is forging a new path. Never before has she been a mother to this child. And, like any transition, there is a lot to learn and she can benefit from caring and thoughtful individuals in her life.

Our clinicians can come alongside a woman who is pregnant or in the postpartum phase and help her take care of herself. They will start by assessing the mother’s overall well-being and make a plan to help her cope with the various challenges she is facing. Ideally, the mother can ask for and receive the help she needs from her support network. Her partner and other extended family members may attend therapy sessions as well, as a way of enlisting support for the mother and strengthening the relationships therein. Often, a mother with a young baby has a number of fears and concerns, many of which are normal. However, the clinicians at the Center can help a woman identify where her thoughts or behaviors are indicative of something more serious and ensure she gets the help she needs.

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