Cognitive Testing. Neuropsychological Test for Cognitive Function.

Evaluations and Testing

The Center offers testing and evaluation services including:

  • Neuropsychological Evaluations
  • Psychoeducational Testing
  • Independent Educational Evaluations
  • Gifted Evaluations
  • Early Entrance Evaluations
  • Private School Admission Testing
  • Evaluations for Testing Accommodations
  • Evaluations for Accommodations in College
  • Concussion Evaluation/Management
  • Diagnostic Evaluations for Autism, 
    ADHD, Brain Injury, Learning Disabilities
  • Forensic Evaluations/Independent 
  • Medical Evaluations
  • Custody Evaluations

Sometimes, you know that you need an evaluation – and what kind – and sometimes, you’re not sure. That’s OK. We can help.

Many of our patients are referred for evaluations, but they are not sure completely why or what should be done. That’s why we start every evaluation with a consultation appointment, where we can gather information about your concerns and the answers you are looking for. From there, we can decide if testing is even necessary, and if so, what types of tests need to be done to answer the question. For example, older adults with concerns about their memory typically don’t need a full neuropsychological evaluation. If your child is currently being evaluated by their school district, it is highly unlikely that we would readminister any of the tests that were just given. Instead, we might review the results of that evaluation with you, answer any questions you might have about the results and advise you on whether any additional testing is needed. Sometimes, no testing is needed and we recommend moving straight into interventions. Together, we can determine what the best course of action is for you and your situation.

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